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Grundig City Boy tuning and hum fault repair

Do you have a Grundig City Boy 1100 radio that won’t tune or that hums when plugged in? If so I’ll run through how to fix these faults on a Grundig City Boy 1100 radio from the 1970s that had… Continue Reading →

Grundig Concert Boy no sound fault repair

Has your retro Grundig Concert Boy 1100 lost its sound? If your 1970s Grundig Concert Boy no longer works, with no sound from any of the wavebands, it may have faults similar to the ones I found and simple to… Continue Reading →

How much is it worth?

Over the years Radio Retro have received several questions asking what their radio, amplifier or vintage item is worth. Many others have offered items for sale or asked if the items featured are available to buy. I set up┬áRadio Retro… Continue Reading →

Beosystem 10 Repair and Review

After the success of the Beolit 505 and 707 range of transistor radios that ended in 1981, Bang and Olufsen introduced the Beosystem 10 in 1984. As the name suggested this was more than just a radio, it combined a… Continue Reading →

Beolit 400 Range

Jacob Jensen’s iconic transistor radio began with the Beolit 400 introduced at the start of the 1970s. Its colourful design included a range of replaceable front and rear panels to suit the latest interior fashion. Outstanding sound quality for a… Continue Reading →

Beolit 800

Bang and Olufsen manufactured the Beolit 800 transistor radio from mid to late 1960s as a high-end model. It was effectively the Beolit 700 in a hard wood case to be replaced by the smaller Beolit 400 /600 range designed… Continue Reading →

Roberts Radios Gallery

A gallery collection of Roberts radios Click image to read post

Champion TRF 784 Bakelite Valve Radio

Champion Electric Corporation manufactured this 4 valve radio in the mid 1950s at their factory in Newhaven East Sussex. This one is serial number 44986. Encased in cream Bakelite the single waveband radio receives only MW (600 – 1500 kHz)…. Continue Reading →

National Panasonic Toot-a-loop R-72S

Here’s a rare novelty transistor radio from the seventies, manufactured by Matsushita Electric Industrial company branded National Panasonic. ┬áThe design has several unusual features the main one being wearable as a bangle on the wrist although you may look rather… Continue Reading →

Alba Midget C112

This bakelite radio is smaller than many transistorised sets but runs on older valve technology. It’s just 20cm wide, 13cm heigh and 11cm deep but a hefty 2Kg – never designed to be portable given the reliance on a 240v… Continue Reading →

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