Business Processes

A development process is a key ingredient for successful IT system delivery. Look at what can go wrong without one.

All our consultants have a background in iterative and incremental development processes based on either agile or Unified Process (OpenUP, RUP) approaches. Through application over a diversity of projects and clients, our consultants have enabled organisations to harness the power of an effective process to ensure planned release dates are hit with consistency. IT process consultancy is available for:

Agile – Based on user story driven approaches for projects where continuous integration, evolutionary, adaptable fast time-to-market is crucial. We cover development sprints through Discovery, Alpha, Beta through to Live releases with continuous integration the aim.

Unified Process – Tailored to ensure adequate documentation for maintenance and system enhancement covering the four development phases of Inception, Elaboration, Construction and Transition.

Delivery Management – Having a strong technical development process alone will not guarantee a successful project. We follow the UK’s industry standard PRINCE2 project management process with specific enhancements to accommodate iterative and incremental development.

To find out more please contact our consultants to discuss your requirements in more detail.