Storycase are experienced in running agile workshops – crucial at the start of the product lifecycle to ensure the team work effectively. Our approach is scenario driven looking at both user and business needs. Through story refinement augmented with ad-hoc whiteboard sessions we capture the essential functional and non-functional product features. We can recommend the best participant skills mix for successful collaboration. Workshops themes include:

Story mapping – to help make sense of a backlog

User journeys – to identify alternative journeys and exceptions.

Storyboards – to focus on minimum viable and optimal user journeys and user experience

Domain driven – to capture and share business terminology from subject matter experts

Scaled Agile – to manage complexity when several teams share a complex business restructure

API driven – to architect system services applying RESTful standards.

Test driven – to focus on acceptance criteria detailed in Cucumber.

Where agile teams are dispersed we can run virtual workshops using collaborative applications such as Google hangouts or WebEx.

To find out more please contact our consultants to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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