The Need

Here’s an example of what can go wrong with even simple development projects that embark on work without agreeing a process:

  • What the user asked for– users and business specialists may find it difficult to convey requirements without getting tied up in design detail. And they are often not very good designers and may have a preoccupation with cost.
  • How the analyst saw it– some analysis believe in the concept of perfect technology. It’s a powerful concept, as design does not feature in their models. But reality effects requirements as the test team will tell you.
  • How the system was designed– designers love design. Too much design and it never gets built, too little design and it only works once.
  • As the dev team built it– it’s ok, we’ll refactor it later. We just need some more wood…
  • What was really wanted– it seems so obvious, why didn’t the users say so at the review?
  • How it actually worked– it’s taken up all the resources so the team had to hire in more. The next patch will fix it, honest.

Good, simple communication can solve many of the development problems faced by IT projects. Together with an effective process the documentation, meetings and activities reduce the chances to these mistakes.

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