User Researcher

Agile User Researcher

Focuses on identifying the real user needs shaping user experience and interaction through optimal user journeys. Plans user research sessions using contextual analysis capturing feedback from initial wireframe mockups, prototypes and alpha/beta releases. Identifies user persona and where users are on a digital inclusion scale.

Our background in user driven solutions has always placed the emphasis on asking users what they want and to understand their workflow and explain how new technology can transform. With digital services becoming the norm and in particular the Government Digital Services standard, our clients are requesting user research as a separate role from analysis. We have seen the benefit where user research is a role that the whole team practice. Having a lead user researcher to mentor and guide is a critical factor to succeed.

Storycase can provide experienced user researchers along with interaction designers to ensure your product meets its user’s needs and your product gets used. User research is a ‘game changer’ and should be considered throughout the product’s life cycle.