Blog launched

May 2006 – Objecta launches Blog! Yes, after several requests you can now read Objecta’s blog. [This is now archived].

Yes, it’s true. Objecta have finally gone with the flow and have a blog. After various blogger backlashes and blog-a-away frenzy we’ve decided a simple content friendly blog will suffice.

Objecta will add posts on various IT process and methodology related subjects whenever there’s a need to spark discussion or raise a comment. Topics will include:

  • Use Stories, Use Cases and functional specifications – a report from agile Hammersmith.
  • The rise and fall of the MDA – what do you mean you thought they were dead, smart phones and PDAs have converged and fit the pocket.
  • Streaming Media and Music – some background on how a rich media portal can showcase a mega star (well he’s quite famous)

Keep a watch (but not too frequently). If you’re an RSS hungry predator look elsewhere…